Basic and Important SEO Tasks

good seoI have come up with a list of issues for you to work on that will enhance your SEO results.
  • Create 10-12 primary keyword phrases and put them in your meta tags on your landing pages. Additional keywords can be developed but that is the role of your blog. If you don’t have a blog. Get one and start writing RIGHT NOW.
  • Create Facebook, LinkedIn, Merchant Circle and Twitter accounts
  • Start “following” in Twitter and also leave comments in LinkedIn. In Twitter, look for people in your industry and “follow” them. Hopefully, they will reciprocate. In LinkedIn, look for people in your industry that are posing questions. Respond to the questions and put your website url in the response. Do not send “canned” responses.
  • Find and register in Specialized Search engines. Look for websites nationwide that are specific to your industry. Register in anything that is free. If it is out-of-state, still do it because it will create an external link to your site.
  • Create subdomain and have it point to your blog.
  • Create link from website to Blog and also add RSS Feed link to website
  • Generate External Links by commenting on blogs on Just do keyword searches and find articles you can respond to. Be careful not to send “canned” answers because it will cause you to be “black listed”.
  • Verify that all images on your website have ALT text associated to them
  • Verify Permanent Redirect of Your web hosting company will know what this means
  • Setup Constant Contact Newsletter system and template design
  • Add more years to your domain registration
  • Create account and import bookmarks. Add your website and share it.
  • Create account. Add your blog to it

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