Short and Sweet Every Step of the Way

Posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 by Stu Kushner under the Marketing Ideas Resources Solutions

If you are attempting to make the biggest possible impact with your online marketing efforts you should make every effort to provide the most useful information in the least possible space.  This goes for just about every method of online marketing that you plan to use from blogging to e-mail and even social networking. Now this isn’t to say that you should cut out valuable information for the sake of brevity, but you should limit the length of your posts by eliminating words or phrases that are unnecessary. If you get too wordy,  even in something as brief as ...

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Stimulate Ongoing Conversations by Blogging your Opinion

Posted on Monday, April 18, 2011 by Stu Kushner under the Marketing Ideas News Resources Solutions
blogging,online marketing

You are an authority in your niche and you’ve worked and studied hard to become so.  There is no reason for you to simply report industry news when you can open a platform for dialogue by sharing your personal expert opinion on things that are occurring within your industry. Some people are afraid of controversy and it is completely understandable to not want to rock the boat too much or to risk offending loyal customers.  There is a difference between attempting to be controversial just for the sake of ruffling feathers and openly sharing your personal view on an ...

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Make a Bigger Impact with Each Blog Post

Posted on Friday, April 15, 2011 by Stu Kushner under the Marketing Ideas Resources Solutions
writing content, online marketing

There is no doubt that you business blog can be a powerful tool for attracting new prospects and creating more conversions.  The more attention you put into the finer details of your blog post though, the greater your chances for online marketing success. A lot of online marketing experts will tell you that it is important to provide a photo with each blog .  While having some form of visual stimulation for your readers can be a benefit, just having a photo in a won’t do nearly as much as having the perfect picture in each post. Many readers will ...

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Google Wants Quality Too

Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 by Stu Kushner under the Marketing Ideas Resources Solutions
online marketing, content writing

It isn’t just your customers and prospects that are looking for quality material; the most powerful search engine in the land is in the hunt for better material as well.  The latest changes in the Google algorithm have been pointed at article directories and will ultimately make it more difficult for online marketers to draw traffic if they haven’t produced quality work. Article directories used to be a hotbed of activity for online marketing to generate as many inbound links as possible.  You could easily rehash a previously used piece of content or idea in a few hundred ...

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Focus Blog Content on Quality Over Quantity

Posted on Friday, April 8, 2011 by Stu Kushner under the Marketing Ideas Resources Solutions
writing content, blog, marketing onlineQuality Blog Content

It is an absolute truth that to build the biggest possible following from your online marketing efforts that you’ve got to deliver content on a regular basis.  What seems to confuse those new to the inbound marketing game though is the broad sense of the term “regular basis.” While it would be fantastic if you could deliver high quality, useful and completely original updates every single day, most small business owners simply don’t have the time or store of ideas to do so.  This doesn’t mean that you should fill your blog and social media profiles with ...

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Use Your Blog to Educate

Posted on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 by Stu Kushner under the Marketing Ideas Resources Solutions
online marketing, content writing, blogEducate Blog Readers

It can be awfully tempting to use all of that available real estate on your blog to compose another sales pitch to try and secure a sale, but that isn’t the wisest strategy for online marketing success.  As a business person your first inclination is to sell your product. But too much promotion can have the opposite effect on your business blog traffic. If you’ve got an e-commerce site set up, it provides current customers and prospects with the opportunity to make a direct inquiry about your product or to place an order.  Using your business blog as ...

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Standing Out from the Crowd

Posted on Monday, April 4, 2011 by Stu Kushner under the Marketing Ideas Resources Solutions

There is a very good chance that your small business has a few direct competitors that provide a very similar service or product.  Depending upon the industry you’re in you might have dozens or even hundreds of competitors who are fighting to provide the very same solutions to your current or prospective customers. You might be taking every necessary step to advertise your wears via your business blog and multiple social media accounts but simply participating in those online marketing efforts may not be enough.  Plenty of businesses in your niche are probably active on social media and generating ...

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Social Media Blog Editing for Internet Marketing Success

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 by Stu Kushner under the Marketing Ideas Resources Solutions

As a small business owner odds are high that you’ve performed just about every duty in your company on more than one occasion.  As you begin your journey into effective online marketing, you've got to be every bit as willing to take on multiple roles in order to succeed on that front as well. As you begin doing research on effective business blogging and social media interaction you’ll most likely come across the phrase “content is king” from a number of different sources.  While creating content is most certainly crucial to any online marketing campaign, the ability to ...

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Every Interaction is Important – Social Network Marketing

Posted on Friday, March 25, 2011 by Stu Kushner under the Marketing Ideas Resources Solutions
SEO Business Blog in DC

Using a business blog and multiple social networking profiles for online marketing gives your customers and prospects a multitude of options for connecting with you in an instant.  While this can be a huge asset to the growth of your business you’ll only really reap the full benefit if you do everything you can to ensure that each interaction with a customer is satisfying. If you don’t regularly monitor your social network profiles for questions from customers or take the time to respond to reader comments on your blog you could be doing serious damage to your image. ...

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Useful Reader Blog Posting Ideas for Online Marketing

Posted on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 by Stu Kushner under the Marketing Ideas Resources Solutions
content writing, SEO, blog ideasNew Blog Ideas

Using a blog for online marketing can create a bit of demand on your schedule.  It isn’t always easy to generate one high quality idea after another in order to be able to continually generate new posts.  Having a successful blog, and in turn, a successful online marketing strategy requires consistent updates and that will mean that you may have to get resourceful when it comes to gathering ideas for posts. A great idea for always having fresh and useful content for your readers is to exhaust every approach to every topic.  Your first inclination for approaching a specific ...

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