Changing Domain Names killed my traffic!

train1-228x300For many years we have owned multiple domain names. The two that really became the core of the business are now and I no longer use keyword domains like I decided that Google was on to that trick and that rather than try to trick Google, it is better to earn page ranking by creating a great site with lots of good, relevant, helpful original content. That strategy has worked an paid off in big ways.

So, we now have just those two domains. And up until recently, we were using as the primary domain for the website and for email hosting. But I recently decided to switch to for our primary domain. I decided that the full company domain name was more effective for marketing purposes. And, besides that, we found ourselves having to constantly spell ProgOffice. Everyone knows how to spell Progressive and Office.

So, when I launched the newest update of our website, I also switched primary domains. I pointed to the IP address and hosting folder and I forwarded the domain to the domain. But this was a big mistake. We had built up a lot of credibility and page ranking with Google at and we lost it all when I setup as a forwarded domain to I watched our traffic decline by 60% in just a matter of months with no clear idea of why this was happening.

Then I noticed that was showing up as a “Referring Site” in our Google Analytics. I called and asked them if I could fix this problem. I told them what my goal was and that was showing up as a referring site in my analytics. My technician told me to point to the folder and IP address just like I did with He said that would fix the problem and that it would take a little bit of time but that I would regain my page ranking and traffic from Google and the other search engines.

The moral to this story: Always closely monitor your analytics and web traffic because you can gain or lose page ranking without knowing why. And when something good or bad happens, the cause and effect can be critical to your marketing and business success.