Written by Stu Kushner

A Resolution for a More Effective Marketing Strategy

Packed-Head-150x150Blogging and social networking are additional commitments that take time out of each day, but you can’t necessarily approach them as you would some of your other business duties.  Blogging and social networking are about establishing a deeper connection with your prospects and customers.  If your updates and posts seem labored or uninspired your subscribers, friends and followers will notice and the time you spend on these efforts will be much less effective.

You’ve got to keep your blog posts informative and your status updates entertaining if you want to continue to compel people to share and click through to your site.  Find a point during the day that you can focus on social networking updates and brainstorm future blog posts when your head isn’t cluttered with a million other things.

Share a few updates with links and perform some research while you have your morning coffee before the office is open.  Jot down a few notes or put together the outline for a post after everyone else has left so you won’t face a bunch of unnecessary interruptions as you write.

If you haven’t seen the success that you’d like from your marketing efforts in 2010, it could be because your blog and social networking efforts have lost some necessary passion.  Moving into 2011, make every effort to restore the personality, quality and fun to these pieces of your marketing puzzle and you should see a noticeable improvement in traffic and conversions.

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