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Written by Stu Kushner

Allow All Users to Experience Your Content

 Website Design, Internet Marketing, DC “How often should I…?” is one of the most common beginnings to questions when it comes to any aspect of online marketing.  Unfortunately there isn’t always a clear cut answer for every part of the equation.  Even if you follow other successful businesses’ formulas when it comes to blog and social media schedule there is no guarantee that your followers will engage your efforts similarly.

According to information gathered by online research company Visibli the average Facebook post has already received more than half of its “likes” before the time it is ninety minutes old.  Following the first few hours’ engagement slows a bit until the average post has almost completely run its course just under one day after you’ve hit the share button.

While this look at the average wall post’s timeframe for engagement won’t necessarily give you a detailed road map for Facebook marketing success it does give you a decent guideline.  If you are only publishing a post every three or four days you probably aren’t giving your connections enough opportunities to truly keep them engaged.  On the other hand, if you are publishing a post every two hours you aren’t giving each of your updates sufficient time to reach the maximum level of user engagement.

Reaching the perfect posting frequency for your niche and for your connections will likely take a bit of time and effort.  Experiment with different posting times and frequencies until you’ve reached what you feel to be the best formula for engaging regularly with the broadest cross section of your connections.

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