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Written by Stu Kushner

Attracting Friends and Followers with Special Treatment

Content writing,SEO, online marketingIts one thing to attract followers and friends to your social media accounts, creating engaging updates that will keep them interested is another.  If you can get the word out that you make every effort to reward your friends and followers for connecting, you could see much more success from your social media marketing efforts.

Exclusive Offers to Friends and Followers

If you’ve got a new product, promotion or update that you are ready to launch, offer an exclusive presale to your Facebook friends or Twitter followers.  If the offer is useful or worth having, your connections will follow your updates much more closely in the future and most likely will encourage their contacts to follow you as well.

Contest Invites to Friends and Followers

There aren’t a whole lot of people out there that aren’t intrigued by the possibility of winning free things.  You can generate a tremendous amount on interest in your updates and amass a great deal of followers if there is the promise of a “freebie” thrown in every once in a while.

Hold monthly or even weekly drawings for prizes open only to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.  The prizes offered don’t even have to be something very expensive, something simple like a t-shirt, a hat or a certain percentage off of an order through your site should be more than enough.

The people who follow your social media accounts and business blog are often either loyal customers or quality leads. Taking the extra steps to show that you value the connection can give a tremendous boost to your marketing efforts.

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