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Written by Stu Kushner

Avoid the Hard Sell for Social Media Marketing Success

SEO ,Social media Marketing ,Hard SellIt might be your first inclination as a business owner to try and immediately convert a new social media friend or follower into a customer with an offer they can’t refuse.  This hard selling approach to social media marketing rarely works and is often more likely to compel a lead to un-follow you than to actually convert into a sale.

In order to have success in your social media marketing efforts, you can’t inundate new followers with offers, specials and coupon codes.  Social networking is about establishing a connection with followers and building a solid online reputation for your brand.  You need to provide your friends and followers with useful information that solves a problem, informs them of industry news or makes them laugh.

By taking the time to actually engage your followers and display your (and your company’s) personality, you create the trust necessary to make the conversion from follower to customer.  Once you’ve built that relationship and earned your followers’ trust by sharing your expertise you’ll certainly be the first business to come to mind when the need for services you provide arises.  As a bonus, you’ll be able to secure those sales without the help of a deep discount or coupon code because you’ve taken the time to create a personal relationship with your friends and followers.

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