Bilingual Website Design
Written by Stu Kushner

Bilingual Website Design

Website Design, online marketingOn occasion, a business needs to cater to clientele that are bilingual. And, as a bilingual business owner, it is imperative to capitalize on that unique skill because it is very likely that there is a market for it. For example, if you are an attorney in the US that speaks French, it certainly is a good idea to target French-speaking clients. This was the case for Pierre Choné. Mr. Choné is French and his legal practice specializes in assisting in immigration issues for French speaking immigrants in the US.

For Mr. Choné, having a website that is bilingual is very important in properly representing his office so that it appeals to his French speaking clients. So, adding that feature to his site must be achieved in a way that provides the ability for the visitor to switch between languages by simply popping down a menu. And if there are multiple languages, again, switching should be effrtless.

Go to the Mr. Choné’s website to see how we handled that issue for him. And please contact us if you would like us to propose a solution for your website.

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