Written by Stu Kushner

Please don’t read my blog

Man at ComputerOK. I am just joking. But we did redesign the site to make the blog less accessible. We want people to find our blog and we want the blog to attract visitors. But we don’t want visitors to necessarily spend a lot of time in the blog.

From a business point of view, the blog is designed to serve our community by giving us the opportunity to inform and engage by writing articles like this that maybe people will find helpful to their business. And our blog has been very successful at attracting new visitors and converting them into potential customers. Business blogging is good for business.

But we redesigned the site because the blog categories were showing up on every page of the website. It was part of the main stylesheet. So, it was very easy for people to go to the blog and look around. And that was fine and we do want people to read and enjoy the blog. But when I began to think more about the purpose of having a blog I began to realize that it might be best to remove the blog categories from the stylesheet and to put the categories on the Blog page.

So, now when you are on our site you no longer see the blog categories of the blog. You have to go to the Blog page to see all of the categories. Having the blog categories show up on every page is a default WordPress setting. But we modified the code to remove the categories from the site and created a special template page for the Blog page so that the categories show up there. That way once a visitor leaves the blog he will have our services to click on and the blog content won’t be such a distraction.

Now our site is even more likely to direct visitors to a service and that is the goal of having a good business website. Visit my blog but also read about what we do!

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