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Written by Stu Kushner

Blog and Social Media Marketing Strategies by DC SEO Expert

online marketing, SEO. social media marketingIf you are new to online marketing in any capacity the sheer volume of potential approaches might seem completely overwhelming.  Creating a social media presence is a great way to communicate directly with your customers and give your business a boost, but combining social media with a blog can maximize your marketing efforts.

Social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter give you the power to communicate with customers and prospects in real time.  You can impart up to the minute info regarding your products, your business and general industry news and keep your friends and followers completely current in terms of everything in your niche.

While real time communication is an undoubtedly powerful tool for online marketing, social media can’t completely replace well constructed SEO friendly blog posts for long term organic search results.  Focusing on the proper keywords and sound SEO strategies in well written blog posts can help put and keep you near the top of search rank which can provide powerful long term results for your efforts.

It makes much more sense to spread your efforts across blogging and social media profiles rather than focusing all of your efforts on a single modality of online marketing.  By developing a schedule that will allow you to update your blog regularly and maintain your social media presence you will ultimately reach the largest possible audience from your online marketing efforts.

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