Written by Stu Kushner

Make Blogging Part of Your Business

We’ve discussed a few options for cultivating high quality blog content that will keep your readers interested, but generating 3-5 new posts a week can still pose a challenge for some business owners.  If your blog seems as though it’s taking up too much of your time you should consider sharing the responsibility along with your employees rather than assuming it all on your own.

Your business blog, like every other part of your internet marketing strategy, has the power to make a difference in your sales numbers.  Blogging can be every bit as valuable as mass mailers, PPC ads and print advertising for driving quality leads to your website so it needs to be treated as an integral part of your business.

In addition to discussing sales figures, niche trends and future product developments at company meetings make it a point to discuss the company blog as well.  Talk to employees about what issues they feel should be addressed on the blog.  Sales and customer service departments are a direct connection to your customer base.  They should be able to relate any questions or issues that come up on a regular basis that could make excellent blog fodder.

Every employee that contributes to the production and delivery of your product or service can potentially provide ideas for content that will make your blog more interesting and more readable. Employee interviews, production details and community involvement pieces can all engage readers and give your business transparency.  Once you’ve established exactly what it is that you’ve got to offer, the next best step in your marketing strategy is often telling your prospects exactly who you are.

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