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Written by Stu Kushner

“Why do you get to make so much of the profit?”

Yes, I was asked content writing. writer, SEO this question by one of my employees. He is an Editor and he works with my writers to make sure that the content that we produce is well written. This was my answer.

“If you want to make most of the money, this is what you need to do. You need to totally remake yourself by starting a business that specializes in designing websites. Get incorporated. Buy insurance. Risk everything. Then learn how to make the search engines happy so that your designs show up. Put together a suite of services that are profitable and valuable to your clients. Build a team of programmers, designers, writers and site managers. Then market yourself to all of your friends, business associates and family. Do that for a few years and then YOU WILL GET TO KEEP MOST OF THE MONEY.”

I understand how people sometimes feel like they deserve more. And when they look at the total price we charge for our services, they do math in their head and quickly come to the conclusion that they are grossly underpaid. But they are part of a team. Everyone profits from the effort to win and service clients. And although, as the owner, I do stand to make more. I also am risking a lot more by being self-employed and creating this whole business.

So, he has a choice. But I don’t think he will do what it takes to start up his own business. It’s hard. It’s risky. Yes, sometimes the boss makes too much money. I think that might be true in very large corporations where the top people are just employees like everyone else. But in small businesses, the boss does not usually make so much more than the employees. But when that happens, he/she deserves it.

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