Written by Stu Kushner

Comments for Marketing

Blog-CommentsA great, but all too {{rarely|infrequently}} used way to spread the {{word|message}} of your brand is by leaving well thought out and {{meaningful|poignant|relevant}} comments on other blogs within your {{industry|niche|business community}}.  You already invest the energy reading other blogs for research (or at least you should), why not spend just a few more moments  and leaving your impression and a link with the blog visitors.

The key to successfully using your comments as a marketing tactic is to actually make a valid point based upon the information contained within the post.  You can’t expect to draw a bunch of new readers simply by saying “nice post,” or “thanks for the information.”  You need to absorb the information offered by the blog author and use the comments section to offer something well written, relevant and useful to the readers in order to benefit from this type of marketing strategy.

Blog comments are meant to open up an active dialogue between the author and the readers, where ideas can be expounded upon and new information related to the topic can be shared.  If you use your expertise to draw a new and interesting conclusion, to give your own unique angle or to expound upon the information given you may very well be able to attract some readers to your own site.

As an added bonus to the inbound links, leaving useful comments on a variety of popular blogs can help you to foster lasting relationships with other blog owners and help to further cement you as an expert within your business community. All of this will lead to gaining more credibility with the search engines and gaining better page placement in search results.

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