Written by Stu Kushner

Connect with Industry Influencers

HandshakeRegardless of how specialized your niche is there are most likely a number of relevant sites on the internet that could help send traffic your way.  Maximizing the results of your inbound marketing efforts requires you to find the experts, trend setters and “go to” guys in your business community and to make a connection with them.  While it’s true that any free advertising can be good advertising, the very same info on two different sites could lead to very different results.

Getting a quality link to your business on a site that gets 100,000 unique visitors per month or more will have a much bigger effect on incoming traffic than a link on a blog with only a dozen subscribers.  It might take a little more legwork to get yourself into a position to secure a guest post or “do follow” link on a highly ranked site with content to spare, but the results should more than pay for the effort.

It’s also important to pitch an idea that will have value for the readers of the site.  Once you’ve done the research to find your targeted site or sites, spend time researching the content that is already there.  You don’t necessarily have to mirror the voice of the published posts, but the content that you suggest and deliver should certainly be relevant, well written and useful in order to draw leads to your site.

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