Written by Stu Kushner

Coping with Bad Blog Days

Blog-Comments (1)A good blog can be a crucial part of a successful marketing strategy.  Your business blog not only lets you give something worthwhile to your prospects, it also lets you directly communicate with them on pertinent issues.

New blog posts allow you to report the latest news in your niche and to share your opinions with your prospects.  New posts allow you to alert your readers of upcoming events of interest or updates to your products or service.  Your blog also gives you the opportunity to cut loose a bit from the rigors of day to day business and share something solely for the purposes of entertainment if you so choose.

At the outset, when excitement about your new blog is at its highest, you may feel as though you’ll never run out of quality content to report.  One thing you’ve got to understand though is that even the most successful bloggers run into days when they have difficulty generating a quality post.

Your blog is supposed to be something that your readers can benefit from and enjoy.  You definitely want frequent updates from this piece of your marketing puzzle, but in the case of your blog you’ve got to think quality over quantity. High quality content is what will get your blog noticed, read and shared.  You have worked hard driving readers to your blog and getting them to subscribe, don’t run the risk of losing them by posting low quality content.

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