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How to create unique web content

Writing-300x197I keep writing about the marketing and business value of creating website content because my personal experience and my ongoing research consistently points to this as the best way to drive new visitors to a website.  What I have not mentioned is HOW to create content.

I think most people are overwhelmed by the thought of taking on the task of creating content on a website. I have heard this many times. “I don’t have time” and “I don’t know what I would write about” are two issues.

For me, there are two techniques that I use. One, is to do what I am doing right now. I have something to teach or say and I just sit down and start to type out my thoughts into my blog. I write the way I speak. I don’t use a lot of big words because I really don’t know a lot of big words. But I do know how to make a point and how to tell a story. So, I just think and type. It’s just that simple. Fortunately, my website has a simple content management system with a built-in blogging feature. So, I just login and add an “article” and give it a title and start typing out what I want to say. Having a website that is easy to add, edit and delete content really simplifies this process and frees me to concentrate on the hard part… coming up with things to write about.

The second technique I use is to rely on the newsletters that I subscribe to. Like most business people, I get emails from many sources that help keep me informed about industry trends and ideas. Most of what I get is not relevant to my business. But I do get inspired by some articles that I read. And when that happens, I simply read the article and then rewrite it. I start from scratch and I just write what I learned from it in my own words.

So, some of what I write about is my own original thoughts and some is inspired by articles I read from newsletters I get from industry-related sources. Do you get emails like that? Do you have a website that allows you to easily control and create new content on your website? If not, you should contact us. If you have any comments or question, please leave them below or feel free to call us at 202-462-4290.

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of sites in this niche, but I must say that his is one of the best. I’ll definitely be checking back for more good posts. Thanks.

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