Written by Stu Kushner

Creating a scrolling news frame on website

NewZframe is an online web application that helps you build a frame on your website for displaying your own business news and recent developments. Our system hosts and secures your data and simplifies the maintenance and updates to your news. We also enable content Publishers such as Manufacturers, Associations and Bloggers to create content for their resellers, partners and members.

NewZframe simplifies the process of creating unique, relevant news and information on a business website. The NewZframe appears as a simple frame of scrolling news about your company and/or about your industry. Effective NewZframes educate and enlighten the customers. They provide fresh, relevant content to your site. As a member, you have three choices. You can Self-Publish. You can be a Publisher and make your content available for resale. Or, you can subscribe to a Publisher’s NewZframe. Members can freely Publish any NewZframe. And as a Publisher, you can keep your content private or you can share it for profit. If you choose to share it for profit, you will receive a commission check every month based on the number of Subscribers to your NewZframe.

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