Written by Stu Kushner

Gain Exposure with Positive Reviews

YouTube-LogoIf you’ve gone through all of the necessary test and development stages, you should be completely confident in your product’s ability to serve your customer’s needs.  Your hard work and dedication in research and development can extend beyond just providing a quality product though, it can also help to pay big dividends in your marketing strategy.

Follow up each sale with an e-mail to the customer asking them to honestly describe their experience with your product and company.  Place positive experiences in a dedicated “testimonials” section of your website that is easily accessible from multiple pages so prospective customers can have a chance to read about other people’s experiences.

Ask customers who had very positive experiences with your company if they’d be willing to do a video review of your product.  A brief video testimonial from a happy customer that is available on YouTube, posted on your business blog and shared via social networking sites can be a very valuable marketing tool for attracting new customers to your website and generating conversions.

Some prospects need just a little extra boost of confidence in order to take the next step and make a purchase.  By making positive customer testimonials readily available on your site, blog and social networking profiles you can effectively establish the trust that will turn leads into sales.

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