Written by Stu Kushner

Deliver the Content Your Customers Want

video (1)Providing your customers with quality content is essential for online marketing success, but failing to provide the type that your connections are looking for can result in missed opportunities.  You need to create content that is related and relatable to your product or service in order to have the greatest impact with both your current customers and prospects.

Prior to pouring every bit of your online marketing efforts into a single medium you’ve got to take the time to figure out if that medium will be the most effective means of reaching your target customer.  Step outside of the business owner mindset and view your approach to online marketing from your target customer perspective in order to determine if you are on the best possible path.

Are your customers and prospects likely to have the time and patience to pour over a long and wordy tutorial or would you get better results from a more visual medium.  Some businesses will achieve incredible success from delivering one high quality article after another whereas others will reap the biggest benefit from focusing on video content.

Determining what type of content will most effectively reach your target audience prior to taking the time and effort to create it will ultimately save time and yield much better results.  Answering questions and solving problems through your content is a great way to increase connections but delivering   it  in the most suitable form will result in even greater success.

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