Do Newsletters Really Help?

When business newsletterowners are asked if they publish a newsletter, the majority will say “No”.

Which leads to the next question: “Why not?”  Some of the answers are:

  • “It takes too much time.”
  • “It’s  a waste of money”
  • “I don’t see any use for one”

The perception is that publishing a newsletter does nothing to keep customers loyal to your business: Many will ask:”How can a news letter prevent customers from going to the competition?” But that’s not really the point. After all, sales and advertising can’t guarantee customer loyalty either, so why do we still advertise and have sales and promotions? They don’t prevent customers from being lured by competitors either, yet advertising is essential to get your company and its products and services seen and recognized “out there”.

All businesses, and especially small businesses, need to develop a database of valued customers.  In “ranching” terms:  you need to put a” fence around your “herd”, so they don’t stray too far.  Your newsletter is part of that “fence” that maintains contact and protects your growing “flock” of customers from straying too far.

People like to do business with people they know. They like being recognized, called by name, given “special treatment”.  What is more personalized than a “personalized” Newsletter sent directly to them? They want a “familiar face”, not an anonymous one, and a newsletter can put both a face and a name to a business and its people. One marketing expert stated it rather well: “What business should be sending out newsletters to their customers and clients? Every business! There’s ‘s no business or organization that couldn’t benefit from a monthly newsletter.” Setting up a newsletter may seem daunting, but the benefits are worth the effort it takes to create one.