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Written by Stu Kushner

Dropbox for Project Management

Once in a while a new business tool comes along that makes doing business a little bit easier. I have been preaching for years that one of the secrets to business success is to have good communications. For us, that means using our online calendar to get issues scheduled, using our online contact management system to record the progress of our work. We also have shared online spreadsheets that enable us to record specific tasks. Good business requires good communications and we try to use all of the tools we can that make that possible.

Earlier this year I decided to try out Dropbox. I didn’t know a lot about it. But I kept seeing it in my readings. So, I signed up and installed the free version. I was impressed. I created a Dropbox directory for my Quickbooks and I moved my local data into subdirectories. I like the way it automatically and immediately synchronizes my data with an online copy on Dropbox’s Server. Then I started to look more deeply into how it works and I discovered that it also allows for sharing a directory over the Internet.

So, I decided to experiment with this feature by setting up a shared directory for articles that we write for our Premium Internet Marketing clients. I setup a directory and then shared it with the client, the writer, and the SEO technician. The writer puts the article into the directory and it goes out onto the Dropbox cloud server and then out to the directory of my computer, the client, and the SEO technician. The article gets added to the website and optimized and the client is seamlessly involved with the whole process. And as each article gets added, a pop-up from Dropbox puts a message on our machines. We also use it when we are developing a new site and we are sharing images and content directories for the new website design.

Dropbox has made Progressive Office better by increasing our ability to communicate among ourselves and with our clients. If you have a project that needs a way to share documents, images or any critical project data, I highly recommend Dropbox for your business.

Click here to get a free account.

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