Written by Stu Kushner

Effective Video Marketing

Video is a complex art form. And for businesses who want to exploit the internet’s ability to contact, interact and serve potential customers; there is nothing else that comes close to its power and effect. A well-designed, interactive video on the web is a great way to promote your products and services.  But getting the best out of it is often a challenge.

Welcome to the “Short Attention Span Internet”. The typical web browser’s attention span can be measured in seconds, so make sure your site’s style, content or message is compelling, and brief. Like a bathing suit: short enough to get their attention; long enough to cover the subject.

Let Them Know It’s a Video. A casual browser needs to know there’s a video to show.

Make it short! Two minutes may seem short to say everything you want to say. It really isn’t.

Make it professional! Hire an established video production company to produce your video. Arming an employee with a camcorder defeats the purpose.

The video is a virtual handshake.  Make your video like it was a personal meeting.  Be at the “front door” to greet your online “visitors” as you would at the office.  Even virtual visitors like to see warm bodies.

Sound is everything – there are countless videos on the web that don’t use sound. Effective videos combine sound with images. Video is not just being “visual”. After all, who pays to see a silent movie anymore?  That said, don’t be a “talking head”. It’s the internet — use it’s interactivity to “show and tell” your products and/or services.

Be interactive. Interaction keeps the web browser active, interested and involved; which is why hiring a professional video company with experience in web design and marketing can ensure a professional look to your site.

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