Written by Stu Kushner

Encouraging Communication to Build Relationships with Readers

Blog Visitor Conversion IdeasYour business blog has the power to be one of your most useful marketing tools, but in order to truly harness that power you’ve got to establish a relationship with readers that makes them come back.  One of the best ways to get your community of readers involved in your blog is by regularly encouraging comments in your posts.

If you are simply reporting the facts of a niche related news story, your readers may find the information useful but not be compelled to contribute to the conversation.  It helps if you try to generate posts that are not only informative, but that invite your readers to contribute and get involved.

A simple way to entice readers to leave a comment is to generate a “best list” or “worst list” post.  Numbered lists are exceedingly popular to read and very easy to share, which could provide a nice boost in traffic.  By adding the simple step of finishing the post with a request for readers to make changes or add to your list based on their own experience, you can turn that increased traffic into increased communication.

If you can keep a prospect on your site for longer or keep them coming back on a regular basis, you increase your chances for conversion.  Providing great reading material is essential, but if you want to truly experience the marketing benefits of your blog you’ll need to create posts that compel readers to get involved.Click Here

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