Written by Stu Kushner

Essentials for Video Marketing

The number of online video viewers has grown from 55 million in 2003 to over 160 million plus today. Television advertising still gets the largest viewers and responses, but computers and the internet is catching up. Even so, the capabilities of online video marketing combines the accessibility of television advertising with the interactivity of the internet and offers a rich sales environment for companies who  know to use it effectively.  Making wise and strategic choices for marketing your products and services requires an understanding of what video marketing on the web is, and isn’t.

First of all, it’s not just pre-teens playing games and teenagers downloading clips to YouTube. In fact, news is the most-watched video format on the web, and the typical age of video viewers is between 25 and 45 — the perfect demographic for online sales marketing; coupling economic independency with computer knowledge.  Unfortunately, many online business websites advertise their products as if they were television commercials; taking no advantage of the interactivity the internet offers.

Here are some tips to make online video marketing effective:

Avoid the “TV commercial” approach.  Make use of the Internet’s interactivity with a website where the viewer can “browse” through links and interact with the products.

Performance Measurement:  You can easily gather data to see how many visitors viewed your video, what “sites” were visited, receive feedback, and gather interactive data on you products on-line purchases. A world of analytic information is available to tell you exactly how your online video influences sales and customer behavior.

Put a Face on your Company. Be the host and guide to “personalize” your company, or hire a spokesman to put a human face on your company and products. Give a tour of your plant, announce new products and provide links to your online store.

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