Written by Stu Kushner

Every Interaction is Important – Social Network Marketing

SEO-Business-Blog-in-DCUsing a business blog and multiple social networking profiles for online marketing gives your customers and prospects a multitude of options for connecting with you in an instant.  While this can be a huge asset to the growth of your business you’ll only really reap the full benefit if you do everything you can to ensure that each interaction with a customer is satisfying. If you don’t regularly monitor your social network profiles for questions from customers or take the time to respond to reader comments on your blog you could be doing serious damage to your image.

Consider how fast word of mouth can travel even without the aid of technology.  If you take too long to respond to questions and requests or if you don’t promptly resolve any customer issues it’s very likely that your customers and prospects will quickly hear about it via social channels.

Successfully selling products or services online requires a certain level of trust from customers and prospects.  People who are considering buying from you want to know that they’ll be receiving quality products and a high level of service prior to making the leap from lead to customer.

Online marketing with a blog and social networking sites requires attention beyond just generating content.  If you want to grow your business through these channels, you’ve got to treat every connection as if they are already a loyal customer in order to generate the trust needed to make the conversion.

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