Written by Stu Kushner

Exceeding Expectations in your Online Marketing

Blog-Followers-300x195One of the best ways to make a onetime customer a repeat customer is by absolutely blowing them away with what you’ve got to offer in terms of product and service.  If you can exceed customer expectations with what you do and how you do it there isn’t much doubt that you’ll be the first business they think of the next time they require the product you provide.

A lot of businesses wonder what the best method is for building a strong following for their business blog and social media profiles.  The answer is exactly the same as that for building a loyal customer base – you’ve got to deliver beyond expectations.

Offer your social media followers and blog readers valuable content that contains more than just a self promotional sales pitch.  Just because you are using your blog and social media profiles for marketing purposes, it doesn’t mean that the only focus of your posts and updates can be on the product that you offer.

Show your friends, followers and readers that you know more about your niche than what you directly contribute to it.  Show your credibility by reporting on and discussing important industry news that goes beyond the scope of your product and clearly establish yourself as an expert.  Gain your readers and followers trust by openly displaying the knowledge you’ve studied so hard to gain.  Once that trust is established you can begin effectively interjecting a bit more self promotional marketing in an effort to turn those followers into customers.

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