Written by Stu Kushner

Extend your Domain Name Registration Now!

It is very common for business owners to set their domain registration to “Auto-renew” as a billing convenience. Yes, it is easier to just let the domain automatically renew. But how do the Search Engines view this aspect of your website’s domain?

Google looks at a lot of information about your website to determine its worthiness. There are about 200 different attributes associated to your domain that Google looks at before deciding on your page position in search results for your site. And one of the things Google looks at is the expiration date on your domain. If it your site is constantly set to expire in less than a year, Google might use that as an excuse to lower your credibility. To Google, having a short-term expiration shows a lack of commitment to your site and also a higher likelihood that your site is a platform for nefarious activity.

So, leave the auto-renewal on and also extend your website registration for a few years. This will have a small but positive effect on your ranking and search results. And if you need help with your domain registration or want to register a new domain name, contact us.

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