Written by Stu Kushner

Find Common Questions to Create Compelling Content – DC SEO Help

seo-questions-300x300We’ve talked a bit about using direct questions from customers to generate quality content for your blog.  Attacking customer questions should provide plenty of fodder for several weeks of posts, but this manner of developing new content for online marketing may not last forever.  There is a chance, especially if you are diligent in your posting schedule, that you will eventually exhaust the questions asked directly by visitors to your site.

If you find yourself struggling for content and really enjoy generating posts that display your expertise by providing thoughtful answers, look to question and answer sites or niche related forums for inspiration.  Sites like Askville, Yahoo Answers and Answerbag and forums related to your industry are loaded with questions on a wide variety of topics and could provide countless opportunities for fresh content.

Find the most common, compelling or interesting questions posed on these sites and provide a clear, well written answer in the form of a blog post.  Every time you can provide a usable answer to a commonly asked question in your niche you are helping to establish yourself as an expert and creating content that people will share.  Cementing yourself as an expert in your field and continually providing usable and sharable content are among the best ways to see success from your online marketing efforts.

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