Written by Stu Kushner

Find your Target Market and FIRE!

bulls_eye-300x225If you have been following my saga of business rebuilding, you will recall that 2008 ended with me in a situation where I had to rebuild my IT Support company. With a family and no income, I was faced with the real possibility of losing my home. I was seriously considering a move to the Philippines to reduce my living expenses.

I spent the last year reinventing my business by figuring out how I could be a better IT Support firm. I studied the IT Support market and learned that I needed to shift away from the “break-fix” mode of support and move towards a proactive monitoring system I call NetworkCare.

I also discovered that the network cabling market was shrinking but that my competition was not very savvy at Internet Marketing. So, I was able to create content on my website that earned “first page” search results in Google and other search engines. This resulted in quite a few new cabling projects and eventually led to an opportunity to install cabling in the Residence Inn on Capitol Hill to accomodate wireless access throughout the property.

So, as this project was winding down last month, I decided that the hotel network cabling niche was a great new business opportunity. I decided that I needed to add pages and postings to my website that would target this market. So, last month I created two new pages, one informational and one is a survey form. I also created three postings about hotel cabling. So, I added 5 “pages” of content that are optimized to attract traffic for this market.

Well, last night I decided to look at search results to see what my competition is doing and when I did a search for “hotel cabling”and “hotel network cabling” on Google I was VERY pleased to discover that my website was showing up on the First Page of Google!

I was so surprised. I knew that I could target this market and that I could earn good search results by creating unique content on my website. But I was very surprised that I could do it with just 5 pages in just one month. Each page has a call to action so I do expect to attract new customers for my hotel cabling service and I also expect to convert them to potential customers that contact us.

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