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Written by Stu Kushner

Finding Balance in Your Blog Content Part I

online marketing,Blog-Content-Posting-LengthThere are a number of important considerations when getting your business blog off the ground as an integral part of your online marketing plan.  If you are completely new to blogging you might have no idea how often to post, how to properly construct a post, what time to publish or how many words each post should be.

Getting your blog up and running might seem like a monumental task that could conceivably be too much work for someone with an already tight schedule.  In the next few posts we’ll tackle the most common beginner blogger questions, like those mentioned above, and within a few short weeks you should have no trouble marketing your business with your blog with confidence.

First up – Length of Posts

When it comes to post length, the amount of words that you should shoot for is the amount of words that it will take to effectively express your point.  It isn’t necessary to handcuff yourself by trying to strictly adhere to a pre determined word count.  Some topics will naturally take more explanation than other and require a lengthier post.

Don’t feel obligated to pad a perfectly expressed blog post because you haven’t hit the 300 word mark and don’t leave out integral information just because you are creeping close to 500 words.  Generating quality content that your readers will enjoy and truly benefit from is the most important part of the equation.

If you’ve got an epic topic on your hands, consider breaking it up into multiple parts at clearly defined points in order to keep readers engaged while allowing them to digest one point at a time.Click Here

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