Written by Stu Kushner

Finding Yourself and Sticking To It

MessageYou’ve done everything that you should and everything that you could to spread the word about your business.  You’ve join every viable social media outlet and every relevant forum. You read every relevant blog and make comments. And you’ve created an endless sea of SEO friendly content to keep your site updated on a consistent basis.

All of these steps that you’ve worked so hard on and invested so much time in are fantastic ways to market what you’ve got to offer to prospective clients. But with all of the articles, blog posts, comments, forum posts and status updates it’s also of critical importance that you don’t let the message that you are sending out to prospective clients become confusing or diluted.

Driving traffic to your website with properly placed links is wise, but in order to actually convert those visits into sales you need to drive as much relevant traffic as possible to your site as opposed to just any traffic at all.  You know perfectly well what your business is all about and what unique and interesting things that your company can bring to the table, but clients who have never had the pleasure of dealing with you don’t.

Confusing prospective clients by sending mixed messages across all of your internet marketing efforts is no way to convert website visits into sales.  Your best bet before attacking your internet marketing strategy with both guns blazing is to ensure that you have a crystal clear message that you want to impart to prospective customers – and to actually deliver it.  You don’t have to be robotic in your blog posts, forum comments or status updates, just be certain that the message that you are delivering accurately portrays the business image that you want it to and your marketing efforts will be rewarded.

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