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Written by Stu Kushner

From Readers to Leads in One Easy Step

 Website Design, Internet Marketing, DC, Attracting and holding onto social media followers and blog readers can be a tricky and time consuming part of your online marketing plan.  You’ve got to provide frequent, but not too frequent, updates and you’ve got to ensure that you are constantly providing high quality and useful information.  Thankfully, once you’ve gotten into the most appropriate rhythm for publishing posts and status updates and have got readers hooked on your content, the most difficult part of the process is out of the way.

Regular readers and long time social media friends and followers have stuck around because they enjoy and trust the content that you share with them on a regular basis.  The next step is to provide easy to follow directions for your readers in the form of a call to action at the end of blog posts.

After you’ve generated a high quality piece of content that provides usable information, figure out a method of incorporating a connection to your product or service at the end of the post.  You make it as easy as possible for readers to gain access to content you’ve generated by way of subscription services and links on social media updates. Now make it easy for them to take the next step.  The easier you make it for your loyal readers to find and access your products and services through your blog, the more success you’ll realize from your online marketing efforts.Click Here

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