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Written by Stu Kushner

Generate Interest in Upcoming Endeavors

 online Marketing, DCIf you make a major upgrade to an existing product or develop a completely new product that is certain to solve pressing issues for your target customers, chances are you’ll see a boost in sales.  If you wait until the product has launched before making your customers and prospects aware of the exciting news you could be missing out on a golden opportunity in your online marketing efforts though.

As part of your online marketing strategy you should make every effort to excite and entice customers by making them aware of upgrades, improvements and new products prior to launch. By making customers aware of pending changes and providing them with detailed information on the improvements you’ll create an atmosphere of ongoing interest until the launch date.

You can magnify the level of interest by holding a contest to coincide with the launch date that will provide a chosen few of those that order your new or revamped product with a special giveaway.  The prize for the contest doesn’t have to be anything huge or expensive – a free t-shirt, gift bag or e-book should be more than enough to create additional interest. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to pre advertise an exciting new product and generate interest leading up to the release.

If you generate interesting updates regarding your upcoming launch and offer those who buy an opportunity to take home something extra you should see a much bigger spike in sales upon launch.

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