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Google Analytics shows Quick Impressions

I am very proud of my company’s website. It has helped rebuild and grow my business during a very trying year for my industry and for business in general. I designed it myself and I created most of the content. I use WordPress as my website design platform. My web programmer customized the theme to match my needs and now I just worry about creating great new content.

Today I decided to look at my Google Analytics. I looked at the duration visitors spend on my site. I knew my average visitor spends about 2 minutes on my site. And I expected that many visitors were spending much less time on my site than 2 minutes. But what really surprised me was that such a large percentage was spending only a few seconds on my site. So, I started looking at other sites I am monitoring and I found that this pattern was repeated. The vast majority of visitors are only on a website for just a few seconds.

Here is the chart.

Duration-AnalyticsAs you can see, 70% of my visitors (since January 1, 2010) have been on this website for less than 10 seconds! Wow. I know our site is doing well. We get good search results. We are on the first page of Google for many critical keyword phrases. We do so well that we do not feel the need at all to pay Google for a Sponsored Listing. We also do a good job of making it easy for visitors to contact us by placing icons on each page that lead them to contact forms.

I guess this is typical. Do you have any ideas on how to get visitors to stay longer and to convert them to being a client? Maybe I should start posting videos. Maybe I should not worry about it too much. Feel free to comment and thank you for visiting.

Stu Kushner

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