Written by Stu Kushner

Sharing the Wealth – Guest Blogging

blog-300x225Keeping your business blog updated daily is a wonderful way to keep your visitors happy and to increase traffic to your site organically, but you can make a much bigger impact with a single blog post published elsewhere.  We’ve touched on a number of methods of generating and developing high quality content for your business blog – now it’s time for you to take your knowledge on the road.

When done properly, guest blogging is an incredible addition to your internet marketing strategy.  Guest blogging allows you to instantly reach a completely new audience of prospects and it can help to cement you as an expert in your niche.

Choose a blog that has a good following and that has some connection to your particular niche.  Providing a high quality, informative post to a popular blog whose readers could benefit from your service could result in an almost immediate increase in traffic and conversions on your site.  Promote your guest post on your own blog and social media accounts to increase the flow of traffic and there’s a good chance that you’ll keep the door open for future guest posts when you feel the timing is right.

You already know from your own business blogging efforts that generating a high quality post doesn’t take a tremendous amount of time.  With the investment of as little as thirty to sixty minutes you could reach an entirely new audience of prospects and harvest valuable friendships with other prominent blogs in your industry.

Don’t think of guest blogging as giving away something for nothing; think of it as trading services for leads.  Guest blogging is a powerful marketing tool that has a number of benefits.  It is a method that every e-commerce business owner should strongly consider that will help reach a large number of quality prospects in a minimal amount of time.

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