Written by Stu Kushner

How to make your Blog more effective

Media-ImagesSo, I have been blogging for a little while. I write about IT and Internet Marketing and Business issues. And I thought that just be making hyperlinks in my blog that point to my website that I was creating an effective blogging campaign. I was only partially right.

Blogging is good for business. Each blog posting is like creating a page on your website and it increases your credibility as an expert in your industry. But here is the catch and this is where things get a little bit technical.

Your blog needs to be a subdomain of your website. By creating a subdomain called blog.yourdomain.com, you can help the search engines identify your blog content as part of your website content. This is achieved by first creating a subdomain by logging into your domain hosting company. This usually involves creating a CNAME that points to your blog’s url. Then you need to go to your blog hosting site and pay them a few dollars a year to have the blog you have created pointing to your subdomain. Once this is achieved you can verify that it is working by going to your new blog.yourdomain.com and see if it takes you to your blog. Also, the address in your browser must remain at blog.yourdomain.com, than it is working. If the blog changes your url back the original blog name than that means that you have a problem. Finally, you must also create a link or a button on your website that goes to your blog.

For example, at one time my blog was www.stukish.wordpress.com.  That link might be dead. But when you went to that url, it changed to blog.progoffice.com. That meant my blog was part of the content of my website. Now, we have a website that incorporates the blogging features right into the design. You are on our website AND you are on our Blog!

If you do not do all of this, as you create content in your blog, the content will be associated to your blog hosting company. I hope you found this information useful. But if you need help with IT Support or Internet Marketing help, please feel free to contact us.

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