How to Start Your Newsletter

writing a newsletters,content writerCreating a newsletter is really one of the easiest, most effective and inexpensive way to connect with both your customers and your employees as well. But a newsletter has to be done right to be effective.

Here are some tips to make your newsletter more effective:

Name your Newsletter. Be creative. ”Amalgamated Widgets” may be your company name, but it‘s hardly something that grabs your attention. And the point is to attract attention. Think out of the box, like “Widget Wonderings”, or “Widget World”. Don’t be afraid to be creative.  You’re not testifying before Congress, you’re attracting clients and customers.

Avoid Hype: Your newsletter should be informative, but not a sales pitch.   Articulate your goals, values, quality and integrity. One of the best ways to advertise your products is telling the story behind the product. Relate what went into making it and  the skills and dedication of your employees.  In that way, you focus not only on the product, but on your company and the people in it as well.

Style Tips:

  • Write in the Third Person – Avoid the “WE/“ME” syndrome. Your stories should be written as an objective observer.
  • Avoid Technical Jargon – Don’t assume the reader knows terms, nomenclature and abbreviations.
  • Proofread – Which means having someone else other than the author review, proof and fact check before publishing.
  • Encourage employee participation. Having qualified employees write articles about their area of expertise widens the scope and perception of the company as well.
  • Focus on the “we”. Don’t make the newsletter just a platform for management or a sales pitch for products. Add a little “human interest”. Profile employees and staff, announce company and personal milestones. Salute retiring employees and welcome new hires.

The point is, your Newsletter is a like the old time door-to-door salesman. Done right, and you’re invited inside. Done wrong, and you’re left out on the street.