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I need your help

I have a younger brother. His name is Jeff and he has a company called Plants Alive. His company provides commercial plant rentals to businesses for offices and events. His website is www.plants-alive.com. He has had this site for a few yeas now and it gets a decent amount of traffic. Plants Alive is one of the leading plant rental firms in the Washington DC area. Check out his site.  It’s clean and functional.

As a favor, I decided to redesign his website. I have been studying website design and Internet Marketing for a couple of years now and I have developed a lot of expertise in creating websites and developing them to attract traffic on Google and other search engines. My efforts have been very successful in helping me grow my business. So, I thought I would help my brother. The site that I designed is at http://pademo.ofyourwebsite.com. The site has content management and SEO tools built-in. I also want to sign my brother up to have ongoing fresh content written for his website. With his current site, he has to rely on the programmer if he wants new content added or changed.

The objection that my brother has to the new website is that he simply does not like the way it looks. I told him that I can change the header image(s) and that I also feel that the menu buttons are not strong enough. But I am reluctant to invest money into a site to have it customized if he is never going to commit to using it.

Which site do you like better?

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5 thoughts on “I need your help

  1. Stu,

    This is my recommendation. The current layout looks like it is made for law firm type of business. Since, the new web site is made for a “Plants Alive” web site it should be more attractive and have more plants and be more fun. My recommendation would be to have the first web page contain three large panes, the left and right should have large (click-able) pictures. One picture takes you to a commercial page and the other to a rental page. The center pane should basic “plants alive” information. The bottom of the page should contain all other information you currently have on the left pane.

    Leave the menu tabs as is.

    The reason for this is to grab attention in a single page. make it simple and as elegant as http://www.apple.com/.

    Daniel Mendoza

  2. Kush,

    What he is saying is what I have been saying all along. The “look” does matter. The design cannot be thrown together with the main objective being pages (content) only. Design is very way important in what we do and what we can we provide our clients. The lawyer look does not work, for every page. Much work will be required, just as it has been in the past, for every page to look consistent. I know you think this is minimal in the grand scheme, but we get many comments on how the site looks. Pages may be important too, but the site has to look good. We are not Craig’s list.


  3. Hi there! As an uneducated consumer, the plant logo and the bright colored pictures of the plants on the original eyesight really catch my attention…it seems to tie into the concept of plants more than seeing the pictures of the DC area for me. I am not sure that the new website is working correctly on my computer because I do not seem to be viewing any pics, even when I open up the pull downs for pics. Maybe it depends upon the audience….as a consumer I like the personalness and the friendliness off the old website. Content wise, the new one probably has more information, and if your audience is more large businesses maybe the new one would be more effective. These are just my initial opinions opening up the two websites as an uneducated consumer. Don’t know if that means much…..

    PS…keep the logo though. I really like it and I recognize it as soon as I see it!

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