Written by Stu Kushner

Inbound Marketing makes it possible to swim against the tide

swimmer-300x202I am constantly researching keywords and working on my website and my blog. It seems that I have more time for marketing lately. But I am also bringing in new business because of my efforts. It isn’t easy. I have had to discipline myself to make ongoing contributions to my website by adding new pages.

What is really remarkable is that it is working in spite of a declining market. I know it is declining and I don’t need to watch the news to see it. Check this out. Click on this link to see the traffic generated in Google for the keywords “structured wiring”. The decline in the demand for information on structured wiring is steady and ongoing.

But, for me, that facet of my business is actually growing. It turns out that I am marketing my network cabling business in a declining market against other companies that are not as Internet Marketing savvy. So, along with competing in my other business areas, I put a special emphasis on creating more content and blog pages about “Network Data Cabling“. I think I have about 50 pages now dedicated to cabling on my website. You wouldn’t know it to go there. But, believe me, they are there.

Here is something even more remarkable, click this and check out how the “SEO” keyword is growing in popularity as “structured wiring” is declining. SEO is hot but their are also tons of SEO savvy competitors out their. So, getting the new business in the rising market can be tougher than getting business in the declining market. It depends on how web savvy your competitors are.

Is your market web savvy? Is their a market segment in your business that is not competitive on Internet search engines? You can increase business if you find the right market and apply yourself to SEO strategies that work and commit yourself to developing unique and original content on your website. You can swim against the tide!

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