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Written by Stu Kushner

Subscriber Survey to Increasing Online Marketing

online marketing,content writing , managementWe’ve talked a bit recently about methods of getting your readers to actively engage on your blog by commenting on posts.  We’ve also discussed the importance of keeping the conversation going by actively reading and responding to reader comments to add more useful and quality content to each post.

Unfortunately, not every reader will feel compelled to comment, even if you implore them with a question at the end of each post.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t actively engage those readers who are less likely to drop comments, it just means that your method of interaction needs to be even more compelling.

Conducting a survey is a great way to increase reader involvement on your website and to maximize your online marketing efforts.  A simple survey about what your subscribers might like to see in terms of upgrades, future products or free webcasts will give readers an anonymous way to feel directly involved in your business.  If you make the results visible a survey will also give readers another reason to regularly click through to your site, even on days that new content may not be scheduled.

Advertise your survey on your social media accounts to draw in more participants (and prospective customers) and take action once the survey has run its course.  Generate a quality post about the survey results in order to discuss plans of action based on the information gathered.  Putting together, conducting and following through on a survey is a great way to make a powerful impact in terms of online marketing without a major commitment of time or effort.

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