Written by Stu Kushner

Language Makes Sales

You may have the absolute best solution for your customer’s problems with your product, but if you aren’t using the proper words to describe it you could be missing out on sales.  Generating solid and successful marketing content takes more than just filling a page with over the top promises.

In order for your marketing copy to be effective you’ve got to detail the benefits of your product in clear, concise and believable sentences.  Break up the text into individual points with explanatory sub headings that can quickly direct readers to the most important information.  Think about exactly why you love your product and what makes you passionate about it and impart that information on to prospects in easily digestible phrases.

Once you’ve given your readers the facts that they need to further consider your product, compel them to take the next step with powerful calls to action.  Make use of limited time discounts or special offers that are good only for a pre-determined amount of customers. 

Consumers tend to do a lot of comparison shopping on the internet, so everyone that visits your site today might not be fully prepared to make a purchase today.  If you can manage to create copy that truly imparts how valuable your product is and you then provide a sense of urgency by telling readers to “act now,” there is a good chance that more of your visitors will become customers.

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