Nobody is perfect.  We all make mistakes here and there.  Some big, some small; It happens.  What is important is that we learn from our mistakes.  We fall down so that we can learn to get back up.  The trick is to learn to get back up, without having to fall.  Those who have come before us have left us a bread trail as far as the eye can see that leads us down the path of knowledge.  Each bread crumb represents a mistake.  A mistake to be learned from.  With each lesson learned, we get a little bit better.  Since this trail of knowledge stretches on eternally, the opportunity to learn is endless.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies such as computers, smartphones, social media, mobile apps, and other forms of digital media to promote products and services.  The means available for a product or service to be advertised to the world are endless, much like that trail of lessons. Digitally marketing your product could be just the push you need to get your business rolling.  It can also kill your business in the blink of an eye if mistakes are made.

It is particularly important to know your audience.  You may know exactly who your clients are.  Your product is only useful to a certain group of people.  How do you market your product to them so that they see it?   Do you know how they shop?  Do you know how they search for goods and services?  It is important to use the language that is used by your clients, and it is important to know what language not to use.  By knowing what language to use, the words that will help your clients find you, you can increase your Search Engine Optimization, SEO

Using SEO as a tool to market your product is essential to survive online.  Do not make the mistake of ignoring that importance. By using the lessons, you have learned, and applying them to your marketing, you can boost your web presence, increasing your SEO, and increasing the number of eyes that see your project. SEO is a numbers game.  Sometimes it is more effective to get a lot of words in a lower SEO position than to get one word in the top position. This goes back to knowing the language of your customer. If you are going to get any terms on that list to boost your SEO, you have to speak your customer’s language. 

These are just a couple of mistakes to avoid and learn from, but there are a lot more breadcrumbs out there to grab.  Progressive Office is a team of people who started their careers at the beginning of the trial and gradually picked up enough breadcrumbs to start making their own trail.

The professionals at Progressive Office have learned from the breadcrumbs they have collected and can put together a digital marketing package for your company that is guaranteed to speak the language it needs to speak.  For more breadcrumbs, please visit