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Written by Stu Kushner

Make a Bigger Impact with Each Blog Post

High Impact Images for Blog

There is no doubt that you business blog can be a powerful tool for attracting new prospects and creating more conversions.  The more attention you put into the finer details of your blog post though, the greater your chances for online marketing success.

A lot of online marketing experts will tell you that it is important to provide a photo with each blog .  While having some form of visual stimulation for your readers can be a benefit, just having a photo in a won’t do nearly as much as having the perfect picture in each post.

Many readers will instinctively look at the picture at the top of your blog  prior to reading a word beyond the title.  If your photo doesn’t capture the essence of your content or if it doesn’t clearly connect with the title there is a good chance that some may pass up the article that you worked so hard to put together.

Use as much care when you select a visuals  for your blog post as you do when developing the content itself.  By making every attempt to satisfy your readers through well developed content and engaging and entertaining photos each blog posted has a chance to make a much bigger impact with readers.

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