Written by Stu Kushner

Make Blogs Short and Sweet

ShortSimply getting visitors to your blog is a critical step in making your blog a successful part of your marketing strategy, but it’s far from the only step.  In order to build trust in your expertise and interest in your brand you’ve actually got to keep those visitors there for long enough to read the content that you’ve created.

Well written, catchy titles are essential for marketing because they help to generate click-throughs from your social networking accounts.   The problem arises when visitors end up on an epic, twelve hundred word text that they most likely won’t stick around to read.  To maximize the chances of your blog getting read, understood and passed on you should make every effort to be brief and to the point with your posts.

Don’t leave any pertinent information that may be of assistance to your readers out, but avoid long winded and unnecessary descriptions that over emphasis your point.  Do your best to keep blog posts no longer than about five hundred words if at all possible.  If it looks as though the topic you are covering can’t possibly be effectively covered in five, six or even seven hundred words consider breaking it up into multiple posts.

Breaking informative posts into a Part I, Part II and even Part III can help to keep your posts at the length they need to be to avoid scaring off potential readers. It can also generate anticipation for future posts.  If you’ve written an incredible Part I, the majority of visitors who enjoyed it will pay your site a visit to catch the sequel.

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