Written by Stu Kushner

Make Use of All Forms of Media – Part I

Media-ImagesBy focusing plenty of effort on your business blog and Facebook and Twitter accounts, you’ve managed to become a master of communicating with your customers in texts of virtually all lengths.  You can efficiently express the same sentiment in 140 short characters that you can in a four hundred word blog post – now it’s time to take your marketing efforts to a more visual level.

If you aren’t already adding photos to your blog posts, you are missing a great opportunity to attract and engage readers.  Attaching a picture can further punctuate the point of your blog post and a great picture can be reason enough for your readers to pass along that post to their contacts.

For virtually every topic that you will tackle on your blog, there is a free and easily accessible photo on the internet that you can use to grab your readers attention.  If you’ve got a more personal topic that you are taking on, like renovations to your building that will make your business more environmentally friendly – break out the digital camera and snap some photos yourself.

Finding or taking the right picture and uploading it to your blog will only take you a few minutes, but it could end up having a profound effect on the overall quality of your post.  In order for your blog to be a successful part of your marketing strategy, it’s got to be interesting enough to engage and attract readers.  A simple step like adding a relevant, high quality or personal photo to the post can instantly give your post the kick that it needs to grab the readers’ attention.

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