Written by Stu Kushner

Making Your Tweets Count

twitter-bird2-150x150Just because each tweet is only one hundred and forty characters, which barely amounts to a full sentence, it doesn’t mean that it can’t have a big effect on your internet marketing efforts.  You’ve got to make sure that, even though you’ve got so few characters to work with, you still deliver a message that is complete and that makes an impact.

Your Twitter communications have the power to be every bit as effective as your business blog for internet marketing.  Your tweets should be informative, easy to read and well written.  You wouldn’t think of sending out a blog post that hasn’t been edited for grammatical or spelling errors, so you shouldn’t think of doing so with a business tweet either.

You can make an even bigger impact with your tweets by sharing a link to a blog post, viral video or other pertinent information when applicable.  There are a number of URL shorteners available that will help you to minimize the number of characters each link uses up so that you can still express a clear thought along with your valuable link. I prefer http://bit.ly. You give it a full url and they convert it to a shortened version.

By including a link in your well written and informative tweet you can dramatically increase the value and increase the chances of having your followers pass along your tweets to their connections. This is called a retweet.  Getting your tweets in front of the maximum number of quality leads gives you the best chance of success from this portion of your marketing plan.

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