Written by Stu Kushner

Marketing a Successful Web Video

The best way to advertise and market your business today is on the internet: Think YouTube.  Many retailers have a strong presence on the web because video marketing is a significant part of their business strategy.

One 30-second video has the potential to create more customers in a week than you can get from “traditional” advertising in a month. Like any advertising strategy, negative reactions can cost you both in sales and reputation. This is why businesses need to learn to use online videos effectively. An effective video will pay for itself, if effectively made and marketing.

Of course, not every web video you shoot will win an Academy Award. The point is to get it out there! A few thousand or even a few hundred views can lead to some significant profit for your business. The trick is: Be Real! Web users are intelligent, tuned in and media savvy.   They don’t like hype. Web consumers want to know who they can trust and how your business or product can help them. The web is interactive, if they don’t like you or your product, you’ll know it; and so will everyone else.

Keep it Simple!  Long videos are yawners. Keep it short, and to the point. If you can’t say it in less than two minutes, edit so you can. If f you absolutely must have a longer video, consider dividing it up into short, linked segments so the viewer can select what interests them the most. If they’re interested, they will select other links as well; the point is to get them into your site, so you can make your pitch.  It’s a “preview of coming attractions”; not the whole story, Just enough of it to make someone want to see more.

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