Written by Stu Kushner

More Pages = More Leads

A recent study of 1,400 businesses showed a clear correlation between the number of indexed pages on a website and the number of leads that are generated by that website.  An indexed page is a page that is recognized for its content by Google and other search engines.  It is not just your Home Page. A properly designed website will result in every page being indexed and searchable.

And the graph below shows that an increase in indexed pages of 50 – 100 can increase lead traffic by double digits. This is our 217th indexed page and the leads we generate from the creation of fresh content results in a steady stream of qualified leads.

We suggest to our clients that they set goals. If you have 20 pages, get to 50. If you have 50 pages, get to 100. Never stop thinking about and creating new content for your website. Contribute fresh ideas and be a helpful resource to your community. This graph shows that a critical and worthwhile goal is to create upwards of 200+ pages on your website. That might seem very difficult but this site had 24 pages just 20 months ago and we are a small firm.

So, we know that it is very possible. It just takes a commitment to a new marketing strategy.

And if you think that only big firms are capable of creating content on a large scale, please note the graph below. It shows the mix of business sizes and the amount of content on their websites. What this shows is that size is not a critical factor. Yes, larger firms do tend to have more resources dedicated to creating content on their websites. But even the smaller companies have a sizable presence.

What can you learn from this information?

  • Create a blog on your website so that you can increase content.
  • Properly optimize each page so that search engines understand your content and relevant keywords.

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