Written by Stu Kushner

More than Just Updates

Working-at-Computer-218x300You spend a lot of time trying to drive traffic to your website, your marketing strategy involves plenty of updates on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites and you’ve also invested a good bit of money in paid advertising.  While this will certainly generate new hits, you need to go beyond that if you want to turn those prospects into customers.   You need to give new visitors to your site a reason to keep coming back beyond the initial visit.

If you want first time visitors to become regulars to your site and you want them to spread the word about your services, you need to do more than just provide generic updates on a daily basis.  Quality content on your main page or blog may not increase search rank enough to land dozens of new customers to your site every day and it may not have the power to produce hundreds or thousands of immediate hits the way a well placed social networking update can, but it can certainly help to make first time visitors regular visitors.

There is no doubt that to grow your brand and be as successful as possible, that you need a multi-level marketing strategy to make your site easy to find, easy to navigate and user friendly, but never underestimate the power of high quality and useful content when it comes to creating return visitors to your site.

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