Written by Stu Kushner

New Marketing Thoughts for the New Year

Market-Focus-150x150Actively participating on a variety of social media platforms can be a very valuable marketing tool for business promotion.  It’s important to not get overwhelmed with the “next big thing” and lose sight of the things that have a proven track record of delivering results though.

As a small business owner you’ve probably got a jam packed schedule.  It might be nice to have the time to regularly post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and foursquare but there might be better ways to spend what little time you’ve got for promoting your business.  Find the social media sites that the bulk of your prospects spend their time on and set up shop there rather than splitting your time between what is working well and what isn’t.

One thing that seems to have gotten left behind during the hustle and bustle of social media over the course of the last year is basic SEO practices.  The time that you’ll save from not having to log into half a dozen social media sites, on multiple occasions per day, can be used to get back to marketing basics on your website.  Make sure that every blog post; product description page and landing page are optimized for SEO with target keywords placed in titles, headings and throughout the content.

Focusing on only one or two social media sites ensuring that your website and blog are optimized for SEO will save you plenty of time and drive the most quality leads to your site moving into the New Year.

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